WoodMaxx is the #1 Provider of PTO Wood Chippers in America


WoodMaxx Power Equipment Ltd understands that the needs of the customer are always first and foremost, WoodMaxx has taken the success of the PTO chippers and has integrated the same principle of quality build and exclusive features into their new line of products. WoodMaxx now offers: PTO snow blowers, skid steer mounted snow blowers, PTO backhoes, PTO flail mowers, PTO tillers, and innovate PTO wood chippers. WoodMaxx has a solid foundation built on hard work and integrity that will stand the test of time.

WoodMaxx MX-9900 Wood Chipper 30WoodMaxx is a forward thinking company. We have an 18 acre parcel in upstate New York (Akron, to be precise, located between Buffalo and Rochester) that we use as a proving ground where we: cut, chip, grind, dig, scratch, snow blow, and thoroughly test each product before we offer it to the public. We are always looking for the next innovation to incorporate into our machines.

WoodMaxx MX-9900 Wood Chipper 6WoodMaxx employs 10,000 square feet of warehouse space and a full time staff. We stock what you need and, will always pick up the phone. We look forward serving you for many years to come.

WoodMaxx SB-72 PTO Snow Blower

Thanks to everyone who trusted us and purchased from us up to this point. WoodMaxx is now the # 1 provider of PTO wood chippers in North America.

WoodMaxx FM-54 PTO Flail MowerYou have helped us grow this business to a point where we now have plans to build a new 30,000 square foot facility on our current parcel.WoodMaxx WM-8600 8' Backhoe Tractor Attachment 2WoodMaxx is a profit share business, which allows our employees a stake in the business. This help to ensure that everyone here has skin in the game, and that every detail is attended to.

WoodMaxx RT-58 PTO Rotary Tiller 3

We now have departments that include full time positions in; sales, engineering, marketing, parts and service, and several experienced shop technicians.

Visit our website to learn more http://www.woodmaxx.com

Visit the PTO Wood Chipper Domain to see our PTO Chipper Line Up http://ptochipper.us

TM-86H PTO Chipper


WoodMaxx TM-86H Wood Chipper 3 WoodMaxx TM-86H Wood Chipper 4

The WoodMaxx™ TM-86H is a robust compact PTO driven wood chipper with a self-contained hydraulic auto-feed system that features an impressive 8” x 6” capacity. This chipper weighs in at 595 lbs., with a 120 lbs. 24” solid steel flywheel. Although this machine can handle tractors of 50 plus hp.

WoodMaxx TM-86H Wood Chipper 5 WoodMaxx TM-86H Wood Chipper 6

The WoodMaxx TM-86H Hydraulic Auto Feed PTO Wood Chipper was specifically designed for use on smaller sub compact tractors with as little as 15 hp. at the PTO such as BX series Kubotas, John Deere 1000 series, New Holland, Massy Ferguson GC series, Mahindra Max series, and more.

WoodMaxx TM-86H Wood Chipper WoodMaxx TM-86H Wood Chipper2

The WoodMaxx™ TM-series chippers are so unique and innovative that they are now USA and internationally patent pending. The WoodMaxx™ TM-86H wood chipper is compact, yet built to withstand commercial use. The aggressive hydraulically powered in-feed roller grabs and pulls material into the chipper head using a powerful USA White brand hydraulic motor. The motor is powered by the chippers’ self-contained hydraulic pump and tank. High quality standard (CR12 steel) or optional (made in the U.S.A. A8 tool steel) knives are available equipment on all TM-series wood chippers.

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